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Pimp My Garage is New Zealand’s first, personalised design, supply and installation service that helps homeowners with garage renovation ideas transform their garage into the most versatile room in the house. If you’re looking for flexible, good looking wall hanging systems, efficient ceiling storage concepts, sturdy garage storage shelves, smart custom cabinets, quality floor coverings or concrete treatments, Pimp My Garage have done all the homework so that you don’ have to.

Pimp My Garage have identified the best of the best products for Kiwi garage transformations and garage storage systems.

Wall storage systems:

Gladiator Wall Storage

In essence, smart wall storage systems are designed to clear items off the floor and store them easily and safely on the wall. A smart wall hanging storage system is good looking, constructed from quality materials and importantly, has the flexibility to grow and change to suit active Kiwi families.

Pimp My Garage are licenced resellers and installers of Gladiator Garage Storage Systems. For all manner of hobbies and sports equipment, toys for kids of all ages, building and gardening tools, Gladiator offers a variety of well thought out hooks and wall storage accessories that connect directly to strong PVC gear wall panels and/or tracks. We especially like the Gladiator GearWall system, which can be used as a wall lining in its own right and provides huge flexibility. This is espcially useful for Kiwis, who engage such a wide variety of activities; often involving growing families and changing ineterests.

The Gladiator wall storage system also includes a great looking selection of strong steel cabinets, shelving, work benches and tool storage. Developed by renowned American whiteware manufacturer Whirlpool, Gladiator is a versatile, great looking and incredibly flexible wall storage system, just as at home in the garage, as it is in other rooms and spaces such as laundries and cupboards; anywhere floor space needs to be kept clear. With a warranty that is just as strong as the product, Pimp My Garage is proud to stand behind this versatile and robust wall system.

Kiwis love their outdoor activities and are naturally drawn to the water, which often makes for a lot of large and cumbersome (not to mention expensive) toys that need and deserve a reliable wall storage system. These toys but often end up on the garage floor or stacked against walls and corners. Pimp My Garage are licenced resellers and installers of Rack-It-Up, a purpose built racking system for all sorts of board and other outdoor sports equipment, including: surf, SUP, skate, snow, wake, kite, snow & water ski’s, fishing rods, bikes, kayaks, and so on.

Rack-it-Up wall storage and display racks are both strong and light, made from engineered glass-filled reinforced nylon. The racks are UV resistant and as a product designed and made in Australia, you have the confidence they can handle the harsh Australiana and NZ conditions – just at home outdoors as indoors.

Ceiling Storage Systems:

Stealing Spaces Ceiling Rack

As we look to fill the shortage of affordable housing, developers are looking to maximise available land and space. As a result homes and with them garages, are getting smaller and storage space is getting squeezed. Time to look up. Apart from great wall storage systems Pimp My Garage also supply a range of smart Garage ceiling storage solutions that are securely fixed in place and in cases can be lowered for easy access. These Garage ceiling storage ideas are ideal for those large cumbersome items like car roof boxes, kayaks, bikes and surfboards of all lengths.

Custom cabinetry:

Custom Cabinetry

One of the smartest ways to store a lot of stuff is by installing custom cabinetry in the garage. With the wide variety of high pressure laminates, vaneers and architechtural plywood available, custom cabinetry can be designed to be as stylish as anything in the house. We have also sourced an amazing mechanism for stunning flush-fitting panels than open in an overlapping pattern, removing the need for hinged door panels. This system is ideal for garages, as the doors can be opened safely while cars are parked next to the cabinets. 

Floor coverings and coatings:

SwissTrax Floor Tiles

Garage floors take a real hiding - that’s why they’re generally made of concrete, right! Concrete by its very nature is hard wearing and unforgiving. It is also porous and without a surface treatment can stain and also chip if sharp heavy items are dropped on it. However there are a number of garage floor coverings, garage flooring coatings and garage floor treatments available that both restore and enhance the humble concrete slab. Whether it’s a garage transformed into a living space requiring carpet and underlay, or hard wearing garage floor tiles designed to be driven on, Pimp My Garage have a garage floor covering or treatment that will fit the brief for the intended use.

Pimp My Garage are licenced resellers and installers of Swiss Trax. SwissTrax proudly describe themselves as ‘the world’s finest modular flooring system’. A bold claim from any garage flooring company, but when you’re undisputed as one of the biggest names in interlocking garage floor tiles (combining Swiss design with American ingenuity and innovation) well it’s hard to refute.

Swisstrax is an effective way to transform your garage floor. These revolutionary, interlocking garage floor tiles cost-effectively cover cracks, stains and damaged garage flooring. There are a variety of tread patterns and colours, providing options to create endless stylish patterns on your garage floor. All options are non-slip, UV fade resistant, easy to maintain and come with a full 12-year warranty – need we say more?

When it comes to garage floor coatings and concrete flooring treatments there are a number of options. Whatever concrete flooring treatment you’re interested in Pimp My Garage can help. The first step with any concrete treatment however is to make sure the existing concrete is in good condition, level and well prepared. This may mean levelling or skimming the surface, filling or repairing any cracks or holes and where suitable, adding a moisture barrier.

A hard-wearing and great looking solution is the Sparta-Flake floor coating system. UV stable with 3-5 times higher abrasion resistance, Sparta-Flake is a polyaspartic resin system. It has considerably faster recoating times than traditional garage floor epoxy systems and most garage floors can be installed in one day and even driven on with 24hrs. While the base coat is still wet, a decorative blend of coloured vinyl chip is broadcast over the base coat to create a stunning speckled finish.

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