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Garage Storage

Gladiator Garage Storage System

For many Kiwi families the garage is the room we invest in the least, but how many of us can’t even fit a car in the garage due to the clutter – and yet it is the most versatile room in the house!

Pimp My Garage provide quality garage storage systems to ensure that your garage not only looks tidy and smart, but you’ll also spend less time looking for what you need and more time doing the things you love. And when done well, a well thought out garage storage solution will add value to your home. 

Pimp My Garage supply and install great looking garage storage ideas that are designed to help maximise the available space in your garage. From versatile wall hanging systems, to smart ceiling storage concepts, sturdy garage storage shelves to custom cabinets, Pimp My Garage have garage storage solutions to help you rack, stack and take the garage back. 

When thinking about garage storage, first work out what to keep, what to give away and what to throw away. Strip My Garage, a division of Pimp My Garage can help you here. Then create zones for the various areas: storage, workshop, easy to access items etc. For storage, consider which items you want kept safe from young children, out of sight and what you want to have on display, close at hand, or simply to be visible so they are easy to find.

Tailored to your needs, Pimp My Garage can help you find a storage space for all the stuff that gravitates towards the garage. We can provide solutions for sports equipment storage, toy storage (toys for kids of all ages) gardening equipment storage, tool storage, wet weather gear storage, boating and fishing equipment storage as well as solutions for life jackets, wet suits and all manner foot wear - the list goes on and on. Our goal is to give you back your garage so you’ll have room for that garage project you’ve been dying to get your teeth into…or maybe just to fit the car (or cars) back in!

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