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A standard double garage has a 36m2 footprint which when you think about it, is a very large room which is far too often extremely under-utilised. The garage is also unique in that it can be treated as a room that is both inside, yet still outside the house. It is in fact, the most versatile room in the house!

Whether you want to use your garage for storage, play, or work – or a combination, clever design can make the space enjoyable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

We have transformed people's garages in to second lounges, offices, gyms, workshops, rumpus rooms, kids' play areas and teenage breakout rooms, not to mention the all important man-cave! Often these transformations still double as a functional parking space and in the vast majority of cases, storage is an important factor in the design.

The garage tends to be the dumping ground for everything that doesn't have a resting place anywhere else in the house. But there are now storage solutions for all manner of cumbersome and space-hungry items, like bikes, surfboards and golf clubs. Not to mention having all those gardening tools neatly racked. but close at hand.

By getting stored items off the floor, but easily accessible, you all of a sudden open up a significant amount of floor space. That's when you can get a little creative! Whether the wall doubles as a whiteboard for kids, or the work bench doubles as a bar leaner, multiple activities can command the same space. The beauty of the garage, is that it is generally free of the constraints of traditionally purposed rooms like kitchens, living and dining rooms.

The key is to view the space as a unique reflection of your family culture and personality. One customer planned their garage transformation (pictured above) around the kids' disco ball and karaoke machine! For many, it is a space to ensure all the sports gear and recreational toys are stored safely, whilst being at hand whenever needed.

Another important factor to consider is how much time you expect to spend on the garage (once set out the way you want it). Should the space be warm? The addition of insulation and/or carpet can create a significantly more comfortable extra living or play space. Is the aesthetic important to you? In many of our garage transformations, we have painters and electricians working hand in hand to give the space a crisp clean look with good lighting. Or do you want ply on the walls to create an attractive yet practical and hard wearing surface? A garage can be a mini bach right at home!

And finally, think about how the space can be cost-effectively re-purposed or returned to a garage when it comes time to sell the house. Not all prospective buyers will share your enthusiasm for the extra room you've lovingly created. In fact, some people will not consider buying a house without garaging for at least two cars. And are you sure if your changes require council consent or not?

The garage is a large space, free from the constraints of most other rooms in the house. It can offer parking, more living, more storage or a room for a special purpose not suitable elsewhere in the house. Precious real estate should not be wasted and a well designed garage will not only provide greater enjoyment in the home but also add value, especially if, like most garages, yours is street fronting and on view for everyone to see!

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