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Surfboard | Double Horizontal (Aluminium)

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Double Horizontal Surfboard Wall Rack (Aluminium)

Constructed from rust-proof Aluminium, this pair of Curve Double Surfboard racks for 2 Surfboards are made from heavy duty Aluminium tubing that is both super strong and super resistant to rust and corrosion.

Surrounded in EVA cushioning foam to provide a soft landing for two surfboards up to 15kg each, you know they have the best possible protection and secure storage for your boards.

Angled Arms - arms are set on an upward 10 degree for extra secure storage of your boards. the slight angle also makes loading boards easier, and requires less space out from the wall.

Compatible with both shortboards and longboards.

** please note photos show Black Steel version - this listing is for Silver Aluminium version of the same racks **