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So you’ve made the decision to sort out your garage – well done!

But where to start? Clearing out the garage can be a daunting prospect. The very thought often holds us back from reclaiming the garage and making it a versatile space that really works for us. So the garage transformation guys at Pimp My Garage have come up with Strip My Garage – a simple 3-step package to make the process stress-free.

This cost-effective solution not only makes it easy, but will help motivate you to get it done! Here's how Strip My Garage works:



We provide an onsite storage box from Mobistore for up to two weeks – a weekend to clear your garage and the next weekend to put everything back! It’s about 2.2 x 1.75m with full standing room inside. Longer-term storage is also available on request.


We drop off a 1m3 FlexiBin, which can be collected at any time to suit - so if there is room left over after you’ve cleared out your garage, you can also use it to throw away other stuff. Larger sizes are also available.


And if you are a Pimp My Garage customer, we will also pick up those items that you wish to give away and drop them off on your behalf at a charity of your choice (some conditions apply).

JUST $25O!

(conditions apply)

Your garage is full of personal items and it is likely that only you can make the key choices about what to keep and what not to. But we can make the process of clearing your garage easier for you - at a very low price!

The Strip My Garage service is currently only available in the Greater Auckland area. You don't have to be a Pimp My Garage customer to make the most of Strip My Garage, but this awesome deal is only available to customers who book a FREE no obligation measure and quote (which takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on your requirements).

The Mobistore storage box will be left on site for a maximum of two weeks. Larger storage units and longer term storage options are available on request and will incur additional costs. This deal includes a one cubic meter Flexibin and pickup (at a time to suit) within the Greater Auckland area. Larger bins are available on request and will incur additional costs. Strip My Garage, Pimp My Garage and associated companies will not be held liable for any damage or injury caused by Mobistore, Flexibin or any of their associated companies or contractors.

Strip My Garage will take items to a nominated charity on behalf of Pimp My Garage customers who have booked and paid a deposit for a garage installation. The items must be of a quantity and size that can be handled by one person, can be transported in our van in a single load and must meet the requirements of the charity in question. The items must also be ready for removal at the time of garage installation.

If you would like us to do some of the heavy lifting and shifting for you, we are happy to provide a quote as part of a full Pimp My Garage solution.


So it’s time to clear it out, sort it out and take back your garage – so you can spend more time doing the things you love and less time looking for what you need.


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