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Options for Bicycles

A very common issue for Kiwis is effective storage of push bikes and electric bikes. They tend to take up a lot of room and need to be easily accessible. Additionally, many NZ families have multiple bikes, so storage is a real issue. We have a number of solutions that suit different circumstances.


The Bike Claw fits to our integrated Gladiator wall hanging system. The spring-loaded mechanism is not only easy to mount your bike to, but is also fun to activate! A huge benefit of using this system alongside the Gladiator GearWall solution, is that as children move up to larger bikes, the claw can simply be moved further up the wall to accommodate. Each Bike Claw is just $75 and the cheapest way to integrate with the Gladiator system is to buy a 2-pack of GearTrack for $100, which can accomodate up to 4 bikes.


If storage of your bike flat against the wall is preferable, our integrated Gladiator wall hanging system also has a horizontal bike hook for exactly that. These are just $65 each and connect to the Gladiator wall hanging system. A 2-pack of GearTrack at $100 can accomodate up to 2 bikes mounted horizontally.


Steady Rack provides a great free-standing system. This stream-lined system pivots the bike back against the wall, saving considerable space and also allowing several bikes to overlap across the wall. The system suits expensive performance bikes as the weight is supported on the tyres, not the cross bar or wheel rim. Additionally, if installed at the correct height, you don't even have to lift your bike to mount it on the SteadyRack. This makes it an ideal solution for heavy eBikes. The Steady Rack is great value at just $140 each.

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