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COVID-19 - Level 3 Operational Standards Policy
Pimp My Garage has become quite used to operating successfully with Level 3 Operational Standards Policy in place.
We remain committed to the nationwide efforts to contain and eradicate Covid-19 and it is imperative that we continue to ensure the safely of all of our customers, suppliers, staff, sub contractors, directors and their families. Below is an outline of how Pimp My Garage will be operating under Level 3 restrictions.
Pimp My Garage operational standards under Level 3
  • Remote Working. All of our administration (designs and clerical functions) will continue to be conducted remotely. These staff will not be required to leave their existing bubbles.
  • Work Bubbles. Our work bubbles are limited to only the bubbles of the two Directors Jeremy and Tod and our installation team. No-one working for Pimp My Garage have been diagnosed with Covid-19, have displayed any symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who has.
  • On premise operations limited to 4 people. All access to the office, showroom and warehouse will be restricted to 4 people only. All stock will be handled only by these individuals, from de-vanning, to warehouse storage, to assembly, to installation in your garage.
  • When onsite. The majority of installations will be conducted by our own install team. Where sub trades are required, they will operate in isolation from ourselves. On arrival, we will call when outside, please open the garage door to provide us access.
  • Scoping. Please ensure you remain at the garage door or internal access while we are measuring and scoping your garage and please maintain a distance of at least 2 - 3 meters. We will be able to show you samples, but will unfortunately not be able to give them to you.
  • During installations. If you wish for us to review the design with you before we proceed (which is our normal process) please ensure you remain at the garage door or internal access and maintain a distance of at least 2 - 3 meters. Apart from that, we will operate in isolation. If we have to use the bathroom and there is someone at home, we will make sure we announce our presence to ensure we can all maintain a minimum 2m distance.
  • Strip My Garage. If you have elected for our Strip My Garage service, we will wear protective gloves whilst handling your property.
  • Sanitising. Upon completion of the installation, we will wipe down all handles and bench tops with disinfectant.

We are very much open for business and looking forward to pimping your garage – albeit with no direct contact!

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